John Hyre
John Hyre is a tax attorney with 22 years of experience. His virtual practice caters to real estate investors, small businesses, and self-directed IRA/401k investors all over the US.

John provides extensive planning, structuring, tax-reduction and asset protection services. He also represents taxpayers in audits & Tax Court, and assists taxpayers who owe the IRS money.

John also speaks nationwide on the taxation of real estate and SDIRA's/401k's.

Simply Put: I help you keep
and protect what's yours.
March 17th & 20th
San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • I'm a newbie. Which entities do I really need?
  • I'm far from a newbie. I have rentals. Or Airbnb's. Or I flip & assign. Or take Sub2. Or sell on payments. Or have a "regular" business (e.g., dental practice, Amazon sales, storefront retail, services such as accounting, etc.). Or all of the above! Which entities make the most sense for me?
  • Should I use Nevada or Utah to create my entity?
  • How many entities should I really have?
  • Which entities provide the greatest tax benefits?
  • What people should ask and do not: How do I maintain my entities such that they shall actually function if I need them?
  • What about Series LLCs?
  • What about "Equity Stripping"?
  • When do Land Trusts make sense?
  • When do overseas trusts and entities make sense?
  • And much, much more.
Advanced SDIRA | 401k | HSA | CESA
April 21st & 24th
San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • How to make small IRA's large. And how to not try and make small IRA's large.
  • Prohibited Transaction rules in detail
  • UBIT rules in detail – and planning techniques to get around those rules
  • How to run a business through a 401k-owned C-Corp – and legally collect a salary from it
  • Detailed discussion of the "other" self-directed accounts: Health Savings Accounts
  • (HSA's) and Coverdale Educational Savings Accounts (CESA's).
  • Converting from Traditional to Roth – at a large discount
  • Which account types are best for you?
  • How to be a good trustee (custodian) of your Solo 401k
  • How to have self-directed 401k's even if you have employees (and do not qualify for a Solo)
  • Checkbook LLC's – in detail
  • Investing in real estate syndications, start-ups, crypto, and more with your SDIRA
  • And much, much more.
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